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Hero Factory

christophe rocky 2Hero Factory is a line of interconnected robots which have Quaza core which makes them more powerful.

The first set of Hero Factory was released in winter 2010 so it has been 4 years since they were made.

When 2014 started the new Hero Factory invasion from below was released with all new battle machines and new enemies.

The story in the TV series is that a drill hit an unknown cave that was nets to creatures.christope Rocky 1

They didn`t like the people drilling into their nest so they started invading their city.

If you were one of the creatures would you like your nets to be drilled?


Photo Credit: Lego Group

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Cube World

Cube WorldCube World is a similar game to Minecraft except you can’t dig.  The point of the game is to level up and find pets and get legendary weapons, which is the most powerful weapons in the Cube World.  To get new weapons you would usually have to fight enemies or if you want stronger weapons you can fight bosses, which are really big enemies.  To adopt a pet, you need a specific food for each animal.  To adopt a bunny, you need carrots and also to adopt a dog you need bubble gum.  And the weirdest one is that you need cotton candy to adopt a sheep.

Cube World is an endless game so everyone can get lots of items.

There are very strong that are called legendary weapons or items.

In the game other people can join your server so they can help you or fight you.


Photo Credit: Picroma

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Pokémon is a famous game where you would catch monsters in a poke ball (pocket ball).Pokemon Christope Rocky

With the new Pokémon Y and X games out all new Pokémon are reveled   but that’s not all they are also in clueing all the old Pokémon’s.

There are over 640 pokemon.

Would you like to be in the world of Pokemon?

Photo Credit: Nintendo Co., Ltd.

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Sonic Comics

Sonic comics are from the Archie comics.  Sonic comics have lots of adventure and action and sometimes romance.  There are lots of sorts of Sonic comics in the world, such as, Sonic Super Special, Sonic Super Digest, and Crossover.  The Crossover is when Sonic and Megaman work together to stop both of their nemesis.

The primary character is Sonic.  He is the fastest thing alive.  He can move faster than the speed of light.  His attack is called the Spin Dash, where he would curl himself up in a little ball and attack his enemies.  Also he has a super form and a hyper form.Sonic Christophe Rocky

Tails is a fox with two tails.  By spinning his tails, he can fly.  He has an airplane called The Tornado.  His attack has no name.  He technically spins himself around and it creates a tornado.  He has a robotic pet called T-pup.  He’s a boy genius.

Sally is a princess.  In one of the comics, she is robotized and weaponized.  Then the right after the crossover, she is no more a robot and she has rings on both hands and they would make appear some swords.

Knuckles is the guardian of the master emerald and also he has a short temper.  He is called Knuckles because he has giant knuckles.  He can glide and also by using his knuckles he can climb really stiff walls or cliffs.  Eggman, who is the enemy, can easily trick him.

Eggman is the evil genius that builds a machine called a robotizer, which can robotize an animal that is inside.  He has a little hover chair, which he calls the Egg Mobile.  He also has a flying fortress, called the Death Egg.  He has some robot assistants called orbot and cubot.

Nicole is a computer that has a holographic form. She is a big help to Sonic because she can get information that Sonic can’t.

Rotor is a walrus. He is an engineer and a wreaker he carries Omni-tools with him.


Photo Credit: Archie Comics

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Kirby Pop Star Legend

Christophe Rocky 1Kirby is a star warrior with the power to inhale enemies and copy their abilities.

He has three friends they are called king Dedede, Wabble Dee (blue bandana) and Meta knight.Christophe Rocky 2

Kirby has had 20 games so far but with the new Kirby triple deluxe coming out there will be 21 Kirby games in total.

The Kirby series has sold over 33 million units worldwide.

Christophe Rocky 3One of the enemies of Kirby is the dark matter and zero they are trying to recreate the pop star to a dark world of their own.

Another enemy is called Marx he is a little creature that bounces on a ball he show`s his true form to battle Kirby. He is even bigger and he has wings.

Would you like to be Kirby if yes why?


Photo Credit: HAL Laboratory

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When I get older I want a winter white chinchilla.  I want a chinchilla because they are not nocturnal, they live for a long time and they have the softest fur in the world.

Chinchillas have a very sensitive stomach so they cannot eat much food.  Chinchillas can’t eat fresh fruits and vegetables because that leads to bloating and that could be fatal.


Chinchillas are becoming rare in hunting because of all the hunters that are hunting for their fur.  Chinchillas are being farm raised for their fur to make clothes and accessories.

Chinchillas can breed any time of year.  The girl chinchilla will stay pregnant for 111 days and because of that the baby chinchilla has full-grown fur and open eyes when it is born. Continue reading ‘Chinchillas’

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Power Rangers Sword/Gun

Christophe 1This is an old black power ranger weapon.

I got it a long time ago at a garage sale.

Before I didn’t know that it was a Power Ranger toy.

I also didn’t know that it could be transformed into a sword.

One day I found a button so I pressed and nothing happened after I held the button.

Then all of sudden the top part slide and next thing I see is a blade so I flipped the blade up and it formed a sword.christophe 2

I discovered it was a Power Ranger weapon when I was watching a video called “all megazord transformation”.


Photo Credit: Rocky Online

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Skylanders is a game where you would place a figure on a portal, which would teleport photoit in the game.

There are 3 games in total and there are over 100 skylanders.

There are also special versions such as legendary, alt ego, lightcore, giant, and swap force.

What do you think will be the next generation of skylanders?


Photo Credit: Rocky Online

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Olympic Opening Ceremony

The Olympic Ceremony starts with a floating girl which is giving an alpabetical history of Russia before flying through the air.

There was five giant snowflakes that were supposed to turn into the famous five rings but the fifth ring wouldn`t open.

Christophe Rocky Olympic rings


Photo Credit: Flickr Commons

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Coco is my sister’s hamster’s name.photo

Coco is a winter white hamster. She also was the whitest in all the hamsters that my sister saw.

She is really fast and really cute.


Photo Credit: Rocky Online

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