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Top 6 Legendarie Pokemon trios and Duo

6. The lunar Duo Darkrai and Cresselia these two are the pokemon of dreams Cresselia is the keeper of dreams and Darkrai is the keeper of nightmares.

5. The lake trio Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie these pokemon keep the world in balance.

4.The energy duo Reshiram and Zekrom these two have two resources of energy fire for steam engines and electricity for electric engines.

3. The dimension duo Palkia and Dialga these two can control space and time.

2. The world duo Giratina and Arceus these to rule the reverse world and the normal world.

1. The weather trio Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza these three rule over sky, ground and ocean.

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Black Mail

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Coco is my sister’s hamster’s name.photo

Coco is a winter white hamster. She also was the whitest in all the hamsters that my sister saw.

She is really fast and really cute.


Photo Credit: Rocky Online

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Yogscast!!!!! :)

My favorite gang of youtubers is the Yogscast.

The Yogscast is a gang of adults that play series of games like Minecraft.

There is three main leaders Honeydew Xeophos and Duncan.


The second group of leaders is Kim, Sips, Sijn and Hannah.

They play on the Xbox, computer and Ipad.

They do fun Friday and trucking Tuesday.

They are my favorite youtubers because their so funny and creative and I love their song Diggy Diggy Hole.

My one dream is to join the Yogscast and make videos with them.

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