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Daily Art!!

Sorry to the people that wanted to see more art sooner my teacher told me not to make one each time I made a new post.

But I found a new site called Piq where you can make pixel art so here are my latest art.

piq_248799_400x400index Photo Credit: Rocky Online

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Science Fair/ INTERNET Part 1

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My first project chose is some thing called a springing spring, I found it on page 112 on Make It Yourself Science Fair Projects.

Its technically a battery powered spring.

My second chosen project is grow your own crystal, on page 79 Star Wars Science Fair book and just to let you know all of the books have science fair project in the title.98px-Fluorite-205705

I chose it because who doesn’t want a crystal.

My third and finale project is making a rocket balloon, on page 85 Super Sensational Science Fair Projects.

I chose it because… why did I choose it again oh because you can make a giant rocket, with lots of details on it or because I liked rockets when I was younger.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


I have chosen my project for the science fair and it will be the lava lamp project because it is to me a very interesting and cool project.


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Edublog Nomination!!! :)

I nominate Bob Online for the best student blog because he has lots of cool stuff to read and their is always something interesting and different.

Also he has a second blog that means that he has TWO BLOGS.

Me and Bob are the two people that finds sites that we can use on are blogs.

When you know him well he is a very funny guy.

We have lots of things inc omen but I think that he should win because he’s all that you need to make a perfect blog.

Bob Online


For the best new student blog I nominate Neil because he hes many topics, lots of colorful photos and for a new blogger he’s very advanced.

Neil Online

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Top 6 Legendarie Pokemon trios and Duo

6. The lunar Duo Darkrai and Cresselia these two are the pokemon of dreams Cresselia is the keeper of dreams and Darkrai is the keeper of nightmares.

5. The lake trio Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie these pokemon keep the world in balance.

4.The energy duo Reshiram and Zekrom these two have two resources of energy fire for steam engines and electricity for electric engines.

3. The dimension duo Palkia and Dialga these two can control space and time.

2. The world duo Giratina and Arceus these to rule the reverse world and the normal world.

1. The weather trio Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza these three rule over sky, ground and ocean.

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Yogscast!!!!! :)

My favorite gang of youtubers is the Yogscast.

The Yogscast is a gang of adults that play series of games like Minecraft.

There is three main leaders Honeydew Xeophos and Duncan.


The second group of leaders is Kim, Sips, Sijn and Hannah.

They play on the Xbox, computer and Ipad.

They do fun Friday and trucking Tuesday.

They are my favorite youtubers because their so funny and creative and I love their song Diggy Diggy Hole.

My one dream is to join the Yogscast and make videos with them.

Photo Credit: Rocky Online

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